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Support Old-School Niceties--and Science--with our Dinosaur Notecards and Journals

Support Old-School Niceties--and Science--with our Dinosaur Notecards and Journals

As many of my Fellow Fossils are aware, a few years ago I realized that I was a dinosaur when I saw how many folks were choosing to live through the screens of their smartphones, and, there I was, all analog, trying to live in the moment, choosing the real over the virtual. That’s when I decided to create Exquisite Eons®, a jewelry company that produces an array of beautifully made sterling silver dinosaur brooches and desk ornaments. 

If you still believe in old-fashioned things, like good manners and the value of reading, writing, and ’rithmatic, you can proudly proclaim your prehistoric status by wearing a pin, modeled after an actual creature you might have encountered during the Mesozoic Era. 

This gives you a way to show your support for old-school practices, like conversation and social niceties, with a nod toward promoting the pursuit of science. 

To that end, Exquisite Eons® is taking its next innovative step into the past to honor the importance of personal—not electronic—communication and expression, such as handwritten notes and literary creativity. 

Exquisite Eons® now presents Be Positively Prehistoric® and Put Pen to Paper stationery goods. Demonstrate your prowess at penning those “bread-and-butter” notes your mother taught you to write, only now you can show how sophisticated and thoughtful you are when you send a caring “thinking of you” or “hope you’re well” kind of note off in the post—even if your cursive skills are meh. 

Help transform the cultural landscape and preserve old-school values every time you dash off a missive. Or think of teaching the child in your life to say “thank you” to Aunt Bea (or another responsible adult) on our dino notecards, featuring delightful line drawings of the Intrepid Triceratops, Savvy Stegosaurus, Righteous T. rex, Top-flight Pteranodon, and Bodacious Brontosaurus. 

For your own creative thinking or perfect gift giving, our distinctive blank pages journal displays all five creatures, and we even tuck a useful Exquisite Eons® pen inside. Now you can commit to a daily practice in your Exquisite Eons® journal (Observe. Think. Create.).  

Don’t wait for the next asteroid to hit—act now! Be Positively Prehistoric® and put pen to paper. Our stationery and other proudly prehistoric products will soon be available on this website (our one concession to the present).

Each box of 5.75" x 4.375" notecards includes four each of five dinos, priced at $24.95. Our blank pages journal and pen is $24.95. Now accepting pre-orders; email me at

As always, a portion of the proceeds of each sale is donated to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, a nonprofit that seeks to advance science, engineering, and innovation throughout the world for the benefit of all people.

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