Exquisite Eons

Our Dinosaur Values

Whether you graduated from the old school or are a digital native, if you esteem fine jewelry, high-quality tchotchkes, and putting pen to paper, you’re not a fossil, my friend. You’re a role model!

Our Brooches Really Are Fossils!

Exquisite Eons™ dinosaurs are handcrafted using the classic "lost wax" method and resemble fossils even as they are being produced. Each pin is cast with about a half ounce of sterling silver and finished with a special “fossilized” luster. Original sketches provide the source for the brooches. Our Founding Fossil oversees every step of the production process, which hews to her exacting specifications.

See How They Are Made!


If you have questions about any of our products, email us at fossil@ExquisiteEons.com.

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