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Exquisite Eons™ dinosaurs are produced in the USA using the lost wax method, also called “cire perdue,” a process that can be traced back some six thousand years. First practiced by metalworkers across Asian and Mediterranean cultures for both decorative and utilitarian objects the technique spread across Northern Europe, Africa, and Latin America and remains a favorite among jewelry-makers today. 

Exquisite Eons™ dinosaurs begin as a handcrafted wax model, sculpted with the artist’s greatest care and intricacy. This is used to make a rubber mold—in itself resembling a fossil imprint—which receives wax to create the emergent creature. 

The wax casting is refined, its details perfected.  Every individual creature is placed in a metal cylinder, and encased with liquid plaster (the same plaster that’s used with burlap to encase fossils with a protective jacket when found in the field). Once the artist pours the molten sterling silver into the chamber, the wax is “lost.” A succession of baths and tumbling refines the silver creature. Once complete, the artist hand finishes each piece, and applies a special solution to produce the characteristic “fossilized luster.”

Every Exquisite Eons™ dinosaur hews to this ancient craft. No 3-D printers. No mass manufacture. Just the artist’s hand.

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