Exquisite Eons

The Origin Story

About Exquisite Eons

Our products extol the old-school values of reading and writing. Old school also means being mindful rather than being swept away by the screen culture that dominates our society. The more we look around and see people lost in their devices, the more determined we are that these values must endure.

So we decided to create a line of sterling silver brooches and, now, paper goods, to signify our dinosaur status. By wearing a dino pin, or penning a note on our cards, you outwardly vote to preserve old-school skills, like communication and social niceties—thank-you notes! (in cursive, of course)—and conversation with friends, even over Zoom. Our pins also suggest that we maintain “old media” like newspapers and books, all being lost to an ethos that prioritizes the taking of selfies more than, say, understanding history and science.

These historic times call for prehistoric measures! Stay connected with your tribe with our Be Positively Prehistoric® and Put Pen to Paper notecards and blank journals, featuring the same delightful dinosaur drawings that inspired the sterling silver brooches.

Exquisite Eons® has become our mission—designed to inspire a social movement and make visible our dino pride. We’re not Luddites and don’t reject technology. But we should cherish the real over the virtual. And that is the essence of the Exquisite Eons® experience, Be Positively Prehistoric®.

A portion of the proceeds of each purchase support the pursuit of science through the nonprofit American Association for the Advancement of Science.

Founding Fossil

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