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Become an informed fossil when you follow our founder's blog, the place for fun and news on natural history, dinosaur-ish discoveries, and the ancient world that we baby boomers call home. Partake and Be Positively Prehistoric®!

Help transform the cultural landscape and preserve old-school values every time you dash off a missive. Or think of teaching the child in your life to say “thank you” to Aunt Bea (or any other responsible adult) on our dino notecards, featuring delightful line drawings of the Intrepid Triceratops, Savvy Stegosaurus, Righteous T. rex, Top-flight Pteranodon, and Bodacious Brontosaurus. 


In our new daily lives we’ve rediscovered Old School touchstones: cooking every meal from fresh ingredients, reading more books, or enjoying nature. Exquisite Eons® has always advocated the practice of mindfulness, and what better way to express our thoughts and feelings about the times we live in than with our soon-to-debut Be Positively Prehistoric® and Put Pen to Paper line of paper goods.


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