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Her original gifts of trinkets soon gave way to minerals, rocks, and small fossils. I carefully unwrapped the small bundles, each with a note describing the treasure. Every single one was exquisite: a geode, sparkling with crystals; a glowing ball of azurite the size of a marble; a nodule of fossilized clay, split open to reveal the imprint of a fern; a hunk of sienna-colored dinosaur bone, with its polished edge revealing the small rivulets of porous bone.


 “Surface appearances are only that. Topography grows, shrinks, compresses, spreads, disintegrates, and disappears; every scene is temporary, and is composed of fragments from other scenes.”


Many of our fellow fossils develop a deep and soulful relationship with certain dinos. As a kid (and fan of The Flintstones), I loved the iconic Brontosaurus. And as an admitted alpha female, I’ll always hold dear Tyrannosaurus rex. Lately, though, I’ve been drawn to the quirky and somewhat homely Ankylosaurus. (I’ve always fallen for quirky.) Wielding a tail as powerful as a medieval mace, and sturdily armored, Ankylosaurus has been called a “living tank” by its scores of admirers.


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