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Get in Touch with Your Spirit Fossil with our Sauro-Scope

We at Exquisite Eons™ imagine that most of you favor certain dinos, whether they’re herbivorous, carnivorous, armored, ferocious, feathered, slow-moving, or swift.

A deep, soulful relationship between a human and a dinosaur can develop. We know that.

Introducing the Sauro-Scope—our Mesozoic Zodiac—the place for you to join your prehistoric herd. No need to consult the stars. The answers you seek lie deep beneath the ground, in the ancient beds of stone that comprise the earth’s crust. And where most of our fellow fossils still sleep.

Unlike conventional astrology, our Sauro-Scope signs actually resemble something scientific. Sort of.

Each of our Mesozoic ’Saurs has its own brooch or three-dimensional bibelot. Order yours today, or collect them all. And stay tuned for others as they hatch!

Steadfast Stegosaurus

Your presence looms large. And you’re not shy about reminding those who might take advantage of your natural vulnerability, however attractive it may be, that you’re no pushover. You were never driven by ambition, and instead focus on deriving pleasure from the low-hanging fruit. You prefer to keep company with your posse, and steer clear of unsympathetic neighbors. No impulse decisions, either: take it easy and fully cogitate before deciding the best course to take. Be fearless when unexpected danger arises. Above all, keep your thoughts to yourself, and listen to your inner voice!

Adventurous Ankylosaurus*

Unlike many, you’re capable of withstanding the attacks of bullies and know how to protect yourself from those who have an agenda. You offer a steadying presence—take bold steps—but you do have your own insecurities. A good stew of root veggies is your go-to comfort food. Command your space! Your ability to push through challenges may seem heavy-handed to others, Adventurous Ankylosaurus, but it’s what you do best. Methodical is your M.O.!

Tenacious Triceratops

You have a flair for creative, decorative displays! Even though you’re fond of frills (which may not be entirely practical), all that frippery says you. Despite this ostentation, you’re still solid as a rock. Protect yourself from those who prey on your good nature. Are you social or a keep-to-your-family loner? That’s always been the question for you, Tenacious Triceratops. You’re pretty chill, so keep in mind that practicing self-care will guide you through difficult times. Your roots are Western, but, funnily enough, you’re not a fan of BBQ! Stay grounded!

Top-flight Pteranodon

You have a knack for seeing the big picture, but you don’t miss the details of a situation. Best of all, you’re always open to new perspectives. You may feel that you’re winging it, when it’s really a matter of finding the right balance. Unlike those bound to their routines, you have a natural ability to be agile and navigate the vicissitudes of life. You enjoy the seafood platter at the buffet, because variety suits you. Some may think you standoffish, but why speak when you can listen (and learn) instead? Revel in your individuality!

Righteous Tyrannosaurus rex

You love to be the center of attention! You’re intense, and if some people can’t handle it, well, too bad. You’re a natural leader, Righteous T. rex! Remember that what you do affects others. Your singular ability to dominate is impressive, but can cause insecurity among those who surround you. And it’s not all of who you are! Learn to get past your instinctive urge to dictate and develop your inner empathy. You may be surprised that friends are actually a benefit and not a liability. Those sirloin cuts are mighty tasty, but watch your fat intake for the long term. Keep fit!